Boogie Boarding: Is it Better than Surfing?

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If you’re a surfer who would like to take your sport to the next level, then you must try boogie boarding. It’s the ultimate sport related to wave riding. Boogie boarding is more popularly known as body boarding and it’s a water sport that has its own following, more particularly in the state of Hawaii.

Many boogie boarding fans say that sport is an art form. They believe that it is the ancient way of surfing and that it gets them into the waves so much faster than regular surfing. It all boils down to what the surfer wants to experience while riding the waves.

Body Boarding versus Surfing

If you’re going to ask the wave riding population if bodyboarding is better than surfing, then you’ll most probably get on a big debate on the matter. There are huge differences between these two disciplines so you can’t really say that one is better than the other.

Many years ago, bodyboarding isn’t regarded as equal to surfing simply because boogie boards are mass produced. Surfboards, on the other hand, are intricately crafted by artisans. This alone makes it a good subject for debate for wave fanatics.

However, it didn’t take long for surf lovers to realize that bodyboarding is a sport that deserves a following. The radical moves that boogie boarders introduce were soon appreciated by fellow surfers and many spectators. The wild and risky stunts associated with boogie boarding makes it an extreme sport in its own right.

Extreme Boogie Boarding Stunts

The reason why boogie boarding gained the respect of the surfing community is that it introduced stunts that can’t otherwise be performed on a regular surfboard. For instance, boogie boarders can do acrobatic and gravity-defying maneuvers that make them appear they can touch the skies. This makes boogie boarding not a sport for the faint-hearted. It also isn’t recommended for newbie surfers.

Boogie boarding is an extremely technical watersport. It isn’t something that you can learn over the summer. Bodyboarding has evolved so much that surfing seems basic compared to it. Not all surfers can do boogie boarding but all bodyboarders can definitely ride a surfboard.

What Makes Boogie Boarding Different

The complexity of boogie boarding makes it the preference of advanced surfers. If surfers can stand up on their boards, body boarding puts you closer to the ocean. Since you’re lying on your stomach, your eyes are almost touching the water.

When you’re boogie boarding, the waves look bigger than it would seem when you’re on a surfboard. That only means that the speed would also seem faster. Even so, body boards are known to be more resistant to waves than surfboards.

Boogie boarding is quite popular on the island of Maui. If you’re headed there and you want to try body boarding, then you need to find boogie board kihei. Seek reputable rental companies that can also provide you with a little bit of training before letting you go into the ocean.

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